I wish I could draw like the guy next to me on the train. He has a small sketchbook with sketches of train passengers that he quickly draws. I wonder what it’s like to be able to see something and visualize it in your mind so that you can bring it to paper.

This guy uses a ballpoint pen, no room for mistakes. I’d probably have lots of mistakes if I used a pen. I wish I could be his friend. I want to tap him and tell him that his sketches are really cool, but that would be silly. I could tell him I wish I knew more artists and ask if we could be friends, but that would be even sillier wouldn’t it?

How many chances do we have in life, especially in New York City, to befriend random people who seem to have the characteristics, or specific characteristic, that we look for in a friend? We see them on the train, at the park, or even in a pizza shop yet we sit there silently and observe. We think about it or we put it out of our minds, but the opportunity is there. It’s completely open to us, but we all mostly do what I’m about to do. I’ll get off of this train at the next stop and forget about it. I’ll never see this guy again and who knows what that could have been.

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