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I’m the happiest girl in the world right now. What is your life about?

I posted that caption under my picture as a joke like “look at me// bad bitch alert // so instagram famous”, but then it got reblogged a few times so I can’t take it back. The internet is a powerful tool.

This was a hit on the gram so maybe it will be one here, too?
"I hate most people. And I don’t want to, it’s an awful way to be. But the human race gives me no comfort. I find myself turning to books and films for comfort still. It’s repulsive, because one’s life consists of people, not things. Most people’s problem is having too many people in their life. With me, it’s just the reverse."
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"Pure love for another person, and what people call romantic love, are two different things. Pure love doesn’t manipulate the relationship to one’s advantage, but romantic love is different. Romantic love contains other elements—the desire to be loved by the other person, for instance. If purely loving another was enough, you wouldn’t suffer because of unrequited love. As long as the other person was happy, there wouldn’t be any need to suffer because you weren’t being loved in return. What makes people suffer is the desire to be loved by another person. So I decided that romantic love and pure love for a person are not the same. And that by following this you could lessen the pain of unrequited love."
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I don’t mean to overthink and feel sad it just happens

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Chillin, breh.

Sneak Peek: Kiera Kushlan

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I went on a date a few months ago and it was a different experience. The person I was on date with wanted to basically get drunk and go out to dance. Now, I don’t know if that’s what the kids are doing these days, but I was sincerely confused. I had to keep saying I had to work in the morning. I felt like an old woman with a teenager. That date fucked with my perception of future dates. I kept dating to a minimum— meaning no dating. I’m still ready to date, but people come with baggage and if not they come with these non-date dates. I wish I could start off with people saying “Let go of your ex before you start dating again and maybe think about what actually constitutes as A date.” But then there are the people who aren’t like that…